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Anonymous asked: i know you study science so i need your help convincing my friend that drinking alcohol isn't safe for her during cold winter. she argues that being drunk when wearing mini skirts in snow means she will be fine, but it feels wrong.


it is wrong.

Alcohol messes up our brain signals and makes our peripheral vessels dilate. So basically, all the warmth in your body travels to your hands, feet, nose, etc.

This is very bad because then your inner organs will not be warmed. During the cold, our body’s natural response is to make our vital organs warm so our liver doesn’t shut down, we don’t get kidney failure, etc etc. This is why people get frostbite.

But alcohol makes sure you don’t get frostbite, and instead you get your vital organs being affected by the cold and thus more possible vital organ failure. It also leads to blood not being pumped well to your heart, so possible heart issues too.

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Now that’s what I call justice 


This is seriously why I hate social justice warriors on Tumblr seriously they are so dumb and just like to get angry holy shit

okay no. There is a need for social justice. Some people bring up some good points on this website. The examples above, are not those people. Don’t let some “social justice warriors” ruin the name of all the others.

^this last comment